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6th TID Workshop
Crystallographic ABC

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TID-6 group photo
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Two workshops were organised in 2005. They consisted of hands-on practical sessions supported by lectures.
The topics included:

  • Protein sample preparation and assessment
  • Crystallization, crystal handling, cryo-freezing and X-ray tests
  • Assessing diffraction quality and data collection strategy
  • Efficient data processing
  • Structure solving "on-the-fly"

The lectures/instructors included Zbigniew Dauter (ANL, USA), Paul Tucker, Jochen Muller Dieckmann, Santosh Panjikar, Sasha Popov, Venkaraman Partharasathy (EMBL-Hamburg, Germany), Matthias Bochtler (MPG-PAN, Warsaw, Poland), Michal Dadlez (IBB-PAN, Warsaw, Poland), Grzegorz Bujacz (Technical University, Lodz and IBCh-PAN, Poznan, Poland), Michal M. Sikorski, Wojciech Rypniewski, Mariusz Jaskolski (IBCh-PAN, Poznan, Poland).
Alltogether, the workshops attracted 48 young participants.

Poznan, Poland, November 27 - December 9, 2005