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6th TID Workshop
Crystallographic ABC

TID-3 group photo

TID-6 group photo
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The Poznan Training, Implementation and Dissemination (TID) Centre


The Poznan TID Centre is located at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and is administered by the Centre for Biocrystallographic Research affiliated at the Institute. The Center is equipped and prepared to carry out all the steps necessary for macromolecular structure determination, from protein purification and crystallization through low-temperature diffraction experiments, to structure evaluation and analysis. The biomolecules studied in the Center include both proteins and nucleic acids.


The Poznan TID Centre was established in October 2004 by the BIOXHIT TID Committee as one of two such training centres in the central and eastern European region. Its mission is to train young crystallographers and implement and disseminate the results obtained within the BIOXHIT integrated project. In the first year of its activity the Centre hosted two practical workshops on biocrystallography with synchrotron radiation. The workshops attracted many young scientists from the central and eastern European region and beyond.